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Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice

Kids and beer
And boogers you smear
Your sofa bears it all
Through every season, every show, and every phone call
Don’t be yuck and don’t be gross
This is the one piece of furniture you use the most
So, bring the new and get rid of the old
You deserve it and don’t forget to go bold

Most of us change out our vehicles more than we do our sofa’s, and we are here to tell you, stop that.
Well, it’s 2022 … do as you must however, we will gas you up [no pun intended] when it comes to sofa’s and sectionals. Face it. It’s time. Embrace those lush velvets and midcentury arms for your over tufted, high-backed recliner. Slender legs are in as well as attached pillows. Slumpy and frumpy is for our muffin tops ladies, NOT for our sofas.

How to shop for a sofa:

First, go to therapy. Grieve the loss of your first sofa my friend, and emotionally embrace yourself for the confidence a new sofa will give you.
Second, dress to impress. It’s a date ya’ll. You’re seeking it, it’s seeking you. First impressions are important so don’t blow it.
Third, be ready to drop some dough. Do you want your first date to be at a fast-food restaurant or a 5 star venue? Always pick the 5 stars. Remember, this is where all the memories will be made. comfort is cool but esthetic is cooler. Pick the best of both worlds.
Lastly, you’ve picked the one and you’re ready to introduce it to your family. BUT YOU’RE NERVOUS. What will they think of the distressed black leather or the forest green velvet?! Who cares. This is not a 10-year investment. And, once again … if it is … repost this blog and you shall be graced with its knowledge and attitude on your social media memories each year.

Sending all my congratulations on the new relationship,
Mama Dash