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Ms. Randie


-Yeah, I’ve met her once.

-She’s odd you know.

-Randie can suck all the air out of the room the moment she enters. Stealing every moment around her as the room attendees are captivated by her luxurious velour velvet outfitted appearance. I can wager she’d not even look up. Hooded eyes searching for her safe place.

-What is she doing there?

-It’s possible she owns the place. Rumor has it, she shows up every day with her modern and elegant appeal, sits near the stained-glass window, crosses her slender legs, lights a smoke and allows herself to slip into a novel.

-Never even looks up?

-Nope. Randie can sit for hours. Won’t even bother to stir. I know her type, modern with a flair of mid-century etiquette. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Soft for the eyes yet firm for the taking. You’d be lucky to experience her soft demeaner. It’s possible, you never will.