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Mr. Rockford

Don’t make eye contact or he’ll burn holes into your heart. His sleek edges and how he sits makes you want to fit him into your life but you’re smarter than that. Or so you think...


He’s going to exactly what a sexy black leather tufted chair would do. Keep you company for hours, make you feel like the only person on the planet wanting to sit with him, and blend beautifully in with your other possession’s. He can sit, keeping silent conversation going without saying a word. Heaven sent. With his foam-filled cushion, your memory will fade as if you never sat down as he grabs the check without notice, never to see you again.


You’re left wondering who he was? What was this mysterious experience that had lingered a moment too long? Rockford was him name and his button tufted support won’t leave your senses. Is this modern heart ache? Falling in love before the first midnight hour hits? The shadow of Rockford’s boldly blocked silhouette can still be felt as if her frame was always meant to find him. Never, ever will she wash away the feel of his buttery, soft grain leather and the feel of his swooped arms.


Are we hanging in the aftertaste of bitter love lost or can we actually order two?