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How to dress a mantel better than yourself

My friends. My foes. My family.
If there is one thing I can share before I take my dying breath is to try gas station pizza by the slice at least once. Well, yes that too but I must encourage rule breaking.

Pale board and batten placed on the perimeter of this former architects' home in Fargo, ND.

Now, I’m not talking about stealing, burning, or causing any harm. Unless you’re into that and then I’m going to get the juicy details, swear I won’t tell anyone and then lit * er* ally spew all details to the first person THEN call the police. But I digress.
Back to rule breaking. When it comes to ‘design standards’ you can use those trending morsels of information as the springboard that launches you into your blooming esthetic. Just like a reflection of humans, we are always blooming and changing as should our creative spaces. And you’re welcome for that wholesome bit.
Fireplace mantel adorned with crystals, a deadwood tree and keepsakes that give the room the soul it needed.

A mirror above the mantel? Cool. But have you challenged yourself with removing it and stacking other pieces and décor up there? And, dare I say it, nothing up there at all? In this blog, our client has a fireplace more gorgeous than my fav matte lip and bronzer COMBINED. And let me tell you, these products have been in my life longer than my children and my husband. I’ll plug those products later but right now, we must get back to rule breaking tactics that will bust your mother-in-law’s geriatric, vintage floral, plastic wrapped cushion’s brains.

This formal sitting room is artfully designed and modernly decorated to ensure full relaxation and creativity.

In this formal sitting room, we removed the mirror and holy hell [ if you don’t know what a contradicting statement is, reread the beginning of this potentially excruciating run-on sentence and enjoy the two words that aren’t friends in real life ] … it looked dashing. We relieved the grand mantel from the confines of its reflective friend and adorned it with mementoes that gave soul to the space. With crystals, taper holders and plants artfully placed, it added a delicate luster to this already incredible fixture. This decision is a fabulous example of less is truly more and by removing the center focal point of the mirror, the room begin to dance, and the personality of the wooden perimeter woke back up. All because we broke the rules.

Will you?