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At Haus of Dash, we know the feeling of wanting it now and that's why we carefully select pieces and love them like our own until they join your family....

Relationship Advice

 It’s a date ya’ll. You’re seeking it, it’s seeking you. First impressions are important so don’t blow it.

Contrary to Popular Belief

We might be exiled for this one but grab your lighters ladies and lets party! The deets on pillows, candles and lamps and how we really feel.

Ms. Randie

-Randie? -Yeah, I’ve met her once. -She’s odd you know. -Randie can suck all the air out of the room the moment she enters. Stealing every moment around her as...

Mr. Rockford

Don’t make eye contact or he’ll burn holes into your heart. His sleek edges and how he sits makes you want to fit him into your life but you’re smarter...

A Life Less Ordinary

It’s 7:29 pm. (What’s with me and times? Is this a sickness? Am I alone?) I glance at my phone and set it down KNOWINGLY that it will start an...

A day in the life of Mama Dash

My name is Kelsey Rasco and I have to admit, my life is perfect. It’s bright and shiny and everything flows like a beautiful river of love (sure, let’s go...


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